Breastfeeding Fair, Saturday 11th August 2012
Coronation Hall, Ulverston, Cumbria

If you would like to book at stall at the Breastfeeding Fair, Saturday 11th August 2012, in the main hall of the Coronation Hall, UIverston, please contact us for more details. If you have already contacted us about having a stall, please download and complete the booking form. Please select: Company or Non-Profit 

Stalls confirmed so far


Ann Bruce, BabyKind washable nappy agent

Booby & The Beads

Boogles and Bump

On the stall they'll have Fairtrade and Organic baby/childrenswear cut to fit over cloth nappies, some Fairtrade soft toys and breastfeeding dresses and tops.

Bumps and Beyond

Colourful Crafts

Honour Your Flow

HypnoBirthing Lancashire and Cumbria

The Nappy Cake Baker

Pretty Baby-bows

Rhythm Time

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Charities and other non-profit organisations

Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign

Lancaster Birth Support Group

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United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking (UKAMB)

The Breastfeeding Network (BfN)

Helme Chase Midwife-Led Unit

The Red Tent -  Creating Sacred Space for Women

If you want to find out more about the Red Tent movement, you can view the trailer of the forthcoming documentary 'Things We Don't Talk About: Women's Voices for the Red Tent'

Post-Natal Wellbeing from Ulverston Mind

The Breastfeeding Festival: Bumps and Babies Sale

We will have all our maternity and washable nappy stock from the Bumps and Babies Sales at the Breastfeeding Fair, as we did last year. Here's a quick audit of our stock of some of the categories of nappies.

Velcro-fastening Wraps

 Make Size   lb/kg  Quantity  Patterns
 Cotton Bottoms  P (prem)    5  
   NB (newborn)  7-10lb / 3-4.5kg  2  
   S (small)  8-15lb / 4-7kg  7  space x 1, animal x 1
   M (medium)  15-30lb / 7-14kg  3  
   L (large)  30+lb / 14+kg  2  frog x 1
 Bambino Mio  Newborn  under 11lb / under 5kg  5  star x 1, zoo x 1
   Small  11-16lb / 5-7kg  6  circle x 1, zoo x 1
   Medium  15-20lb / 7-10kg  11  circle x 2, star x 1
   Large  20-30lb / 10-14kg  8  zoo x 1, dots x 2
   Extra large  27-34lb / 12-15kg  3  zoo x 2, dots x 1
 Prorap  Small  9-14lb  2  
   Medium  13-25lb  6  
   Large  24-35lb  14  
 Junior Joy  Regular  16-21lb / 7-9kg  4  
   Child  32+lb / 14+kg  7  
 Motherease  Small    4  rainforest x 1
   Medium    2  paws x 1
   Large    2  
 Little Lamb  Size 1    1  
 Popolini wool wrap      1  


Size 1 (up to 16lb / up to 7kb): pack of 4 prefolds, pack of 8 prefolds, pack of 10 prefolds, and pack of 11 Bambino Mio prefolds
Size 2 (16-35lb / 7-16kg): 6 packs of 10 prefolds (of which 1 pack all Bambino Mio)

Shaped nappies (to be worn under a wrap)

N.B. one of each unless otherwise specified. Others available not on list

Green Baby: pack of 12 100% organic cotton, plus pack of 14 nappy boosters
Babeco: pack of 5 nappies plus 3 nappy boosters
Popolini: large, pack of 8, boxed
Bright Bots: blue small (4-8kg), 100% cotton
Tots Bots: Bamboozle size 1 and size 2, minimum 90% bamboo (size 2 is pocket nappy)
Little Lamb: size 1
Nature Babies: Diddy Diaper x 1, Stuffables in demin pattern x 2
Ethangelie: one size (poppered birth to potty nappy)
Motherease: poppered nappy

Flushable paper liners

Pack as a roll x 4, pack as sheets x 2

All-in-one nappies

Kushies: 24-45lb / 10-20kg, set of 13 nappies, various patterns including frog pattern x 1, puppy pattern x 1, spiral pattern x 1
Boots: 4-10kg, animal patterns x 4

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